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With age, comes wisdom. Unfortunately for many, with age also comes wisdom teeth that don’t grow in quite right and cause pain, discomfort and the misalignment of teeth. Our wisdom teeth removal specialists are here to give you some relief by removing the source of your pain – those pesky back molars.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost & Recovery

When it comes to costs, some patients are luckier than others. If a wisdom tooth grows in just fine, but happens to be crowding other teeth, the average cost for removal comes in around $75-$200 per tooth. If the wisdom tooth is impacted, this service can range from $225-$600 per tooth depending on the severity of the situation. Note: upfront wisdom tooth removal costs can help mitigate further problems and costs down the road!

Typical wisdom tooth recovery hovers around 6 weeks for a full recovery. Within the first 24 hours, you’ll likely be in some moderate pain as blood clots form. Within 3 days, swelling will come down. After 7 days, stitches will be removed – if any remain. Within a week to 10 days, jaw soreness should go away and stiffness should be non-existent. By 2 weeks, any bruising should be completely gone!

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Why Many Patients Get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed

Some individuals have their wisdom teeth grow in with no problem. Some have no wisdom teeth at all! However, many people have one to four wisdom teeth start to surface with much discomfort because there simply isn’t enough room back there for them to come in OR because they’re popping up in the wrong direction. Not only can this be a painful time, but it can also undo years of orthodontic work and cause dental health decline. We strongly recommend the removal of wisdom teeth if they start showing up only partially, crowd nearby teeth and/or remain completely hidden under the gums – this can cause not only pain but also infection.

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Have additional questions about our wisdom teeth? Experiencing pain and discomfort because of some budding 3rd molars? Our experts and friendly staff are here to help!

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