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NewDay Dental offers dentures to patients in Centerville and the surrounding communities! When it comes to dentures, the goal is to find that perfect balance of aesthetic, comfort and function. Our experts take the time to fine-tune your set to ensure it is a long-term solution to your unique situation.

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What Are Dentures & Who Are They Right For?

Dentures are essentially a set of replacement teeth that can be removed. There are two different types of dentures: partial and complete dentures. As the names suggest, partial dentures are used when only some of the natural teeth have been removed while complete dentures are a solution for someone who has all of their teeth missing.

What Getting Dentures Looks Like


The initial consultation is when we exam current teeth (if present), gum support and tissue health while also making casts/molds of the upper/lower gums and discussing ideal shape, color and sizes


The 2nd visit is where we analyze the crucial relationship between the top and bottom jaw; this is absolutely necessary to ensure maximum comfort and a perfect bite


The 3rd visit is when you receive a wax version of the final product to try on; this allows us to see what the dentures will most likely look like and make any 11th-hour modifications to shape or size


The final visit is when you pick up your partial or full set and learn more about upkeep, replacements and what it is like living with your new dentures

Dental Extractions Before Dentures

Tooth extractions are necessary for the majority – if not all – of patients in need of dentures. Simply put, we must make room for the partial or complete set while also removing severely damaged teeth in the process. This can often result in 6-8 weeks of recovery time before starting the initial dentures consultation.

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