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At NewDay Dental, we offer a full catalog of dental treatments to help cover just about every dental health situation you may encounter! Have questions about any of our services? Ready to boost your confidence and brighten that smile?

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Dental bridges help fill gaps left behind by a missing tooth/teeth. They’re affixed to two anchor teeth and can be removed or they can be fixed into place using an implant.

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A dental crown covers a damaged tooth, giving it more strength, a better shape, an appealing appearance and greatly improved functionality.

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Dentures – or “False Teeth” – are removable replacement teeth that come in partial and complete sets. Dentures not only offer a natural look and rejuvenated chewing function, but they can also help reduce facial muscle sagging due to aging.

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Have a cavity? A filling is a composite material designed to restore the comfort and function of a tooth that is suffering from decay. We have a variety of filling materials for you to choose from!

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Custom-fit to the unique features of your teeth and gums, dental implants are designed to replace gaps in your smile with durable, natural-looking replacements.

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A dental inlay is an organic-looking composite that is bonded to the tooth, successfully filling in cavities and the hollows in a tooth. Inlays are often considered more durable than a typical filling.

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Periodontitis Treatments

Most commonly referred to as “Gum Disease,” Periodontitis is essentially an advanced stage of a Gingivitis infection. We gauge your unique situation, target the infection and prevent any more damage before it can be done.

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Root Canals

A root canal helps prevent the spread of infection should a root/pulp of a tooth become infected. While they’re not exactly a fun experience, advances in root canal technology have made the procedure much more comfortable!

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

As your wisdom teeth grow in, they can cause crowding among your teeth – which can be severely uncomfortable and erase years of positive dental hygiene and orthodontics. We extract impacted and erupted wisdom teeth to preserve your smile and relieve the pain!

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